Mal - Descendants 2
Full Name

Maleficent Bertha


Mal (mostly everyone)
M (by Evie)





Resides in

The Isle of the Lost (formerly)
Auradon Prep (currently as of Descendants 2)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Purple (Descendants)
Blonde with purple tips (Descendants 2;temporary)
Light Purple (Descendants 2)


Maleficent (mother)
) Hades (father )


Ben (boyfriend/in love with) Harry Ex


Evie (best friend), Ben, Carlos De Vil, Jay, Lonnie, Jane


Audrey (formerly) CJ Hook

Uma<nowikii Gil

Portrayed By

Dove Cameron

Maléfique "Mal" Bertha (Bertha) est l'un des personnages principaux du film original de Disney Channel (DCOM), Descendants et dans Descendants Elle est la fille de Maléfique, le principal méchant de "La Belle au bois dormant" de


In the prequel book, "The Isle of the Lost," Mal dreams of being " on the stone floor of an ancient temple ruin" near a lake with a handsome prince; this is where and with whom she goes on a date in Auradon. Also, in the book, she witnesses (while unconscious after trying to retrieve the Dragon Eye) her mother's (Maleficent), wrath on the baby, Aurora.

Mal is a natural born leader. She is depicted as being quite mischievous, as it is shown in a Descendants trailer that she enjoys stealing and spray painting. She is also depicted as being artistic and enjoys drawing. Mal enjoys casting spells, but only as needed. She is not a bad person and wants to fight for redemption from all her mother's mistakes she made. Mal is a nice girl, once you get to know her.

Mal is also plagued by insecurities, espacially in the second movie. That's why she never told Ben she loved him before, because she thought she wasn't good enough. Those insecurities are also one of the reasons she fled to the Isle of the Lost. The other is that everyone tried to pressure her into being "A Lady of the court", because of the coming Royal Cotillion, which was also said to be like an engagement between Mal and Ben. Near the end of the movie, Mal changes into a dragon similiar to her mother's dragon form to fight Uma.


Mal is described as a beautiful young girl with dark purple hair that reaches just past her shoulders, which she usually wears down. She has bright green eyes and is medium height (1.57m) but can grow gigantic as much as she wants, usually much bigger then every building on auradon. She often wears shades of purple, with a fondness for leather and studs.

Cela a changé temporairement dans le deuxième film où elle pense qu'elle doit se teindre les cheveux en blond avec de la magie et porter des couleurs similaires à celles de Ben (bleu et jaune) en raison de son statut social. À la fin du film, la couleur de ses cheveux est redevenue plus mauve (Teintée par Drizzy, la fille de Dri zzella, sur l’ île des Perdus ). TROISIÈME DESCENDANTS


  • She's the daughte de


  • She and Ben end up together.
  • Mal's mother, Maleficent, most likely named her daughter after a name derived from her own. (Maleficent-eficent= Mal)
  • Evie is her best friend and becomes a sister-figure to her.
  • She and Audrey are enemies, due to her mother being "the evil fairy" who cursed her mother. At the end of the first film, though, their enemy status is much decreased and they might become friends.
  • Due to her mother being classed as the baddest villain of all time, Mal is considered the leader of her friends.
  • Her first full name is Maleficent after her mother said after unlocking a Disney Descendants secret from Disney Channel, she is only called Mal because her mother thinks she is not worthy until she proves herself to become a true villian.
  • Her name (supposedly nickname) "Mal" means bad in Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • In a scene where she tries to save Ben from drowning, it is revealed that she can't swim.
  • Uma and Mal used to be friends.
  • At the end of the second film, she can transform into a dragon like her mother.


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