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Full Name






Resides in


Eye Color

Light Blue

Hair Color

Black and Purple


Genie (father)
Unknown mother


Ben, Audrey, Lonnie, Jane, Ally, Mal, Evie, Freddie

Portrayed By

Iman Karran (Music Video)
Ursula Taherian (Voice)

Jordan is a character who appeared in the Disney Channel animated short series, Descendants: Wicked World. She is the daughter of Genie.

Background Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Jordan has a slender figure, and unlike her father she has fair skin color rather than blue. She has light blue eyes and long dark purple hair with violet highlights tied in a high pony tail. Under her right eyebrow, she has two dot markings and faint blue eye-shadow.

Jordan's wardrobe includes harem pants, similar to her father's, a top decorated in jewelry and wears a golden jacket on top. Around her waist she wears a violet waistband and wears black suede high heel ankle boots with golden heels. Her jewelry includes four golden bracelets worn on her left wrist, a golden necklace that resembles Princess Jasmine's, and wears a golden head chain that is centered with a sapphire.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like her father, Jordan can grant wishes to anyone who rubs her lamp. The wishes made can be granted without her knowing, control or consent. Aside from this ability, she can also magically change someone else's outfits when they are in her lamp, signifying that she can manipulate anything inside it to her heart's content.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first new character to appear on the show.
  • Jordan has a similar hairstyle to Eden, a female genie from the Aladdin TV Series and Genie's love interest.
  • Unlike her father, she does not have blue skin.
  • In the music video Genie in a Bottle, Jordan is portrayed by Iman Karran. During the music video, she hides in the shadows.
  • She appears in the sequel novel Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.