The Characters of Descendants are


Mal - Daughter of Malefacent

Evie- Daughter of Evil Queen

Carlos- Son of Cruella De Vil

Jay- Son of Jafar

Prince Ben- Son of Queen Belle and King Beast

Lonnie- Daughter of Mulan and Shang

Jane- Daughter of Fairy Godmother

Chad Charming- Son of Prince Charming and Cinderella

Audrey- Daughter of Aurora  and Prince Phillip

Doug- Son of Dopey


Fairy Godmother- Headmistress ofAuradon Prep

Queen Belle

King Beast

Queen Leah

Snow White- Announcer at Corranation


Maleficent- Main villian. Crashes Corrination. Wants Fairy Godmother's Wand. Also appears as her dragon form at the Coronation.

Evil Queen

Jafar- Likes to steal stuff and likes lamps. 

Cruella De Vil - Hates dogs.                                  

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